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Terracotta Foot scrubber and Callus Remover. Made with fired terracotta, scrub your feet with this terracotta pumice toget incredibly clean, soft, smooth feet that are heavenly totouch.Feel as if you just got pedicure at a spa.
Use this terracotta foot scrubber regularly to
·Polish feet
·Removes Calluses
·Reduce dry cracked heels
·Does not wear out like pumice stone
·Feel like a pedicure atspa
·Easily and Conveniently Cleanse Feet
This terracotta pumice is so an effective for foot scrubbing that Seventeen Magazine has described it as"the Arnold Schwarzenegger of pumice stones."
Works very well with
·Soap and water or
·Foot scrub.
·Shower Gel
Terracotta Pumice Foot Scrubber is
·Hand made
·Fair Trade
·Easy and Convenient
·Does not wear out like Pumice Stone
·Better Than Pumice Stone that is not rough enough or Metal
Foot scrubbers that are too rough

Eco- friendly
Packed in a Carton box
How to use Terracotta Pumice Stone
Keep in your shower and it just take a few seconds to rub it your soles, heel, and any rough spots on the edges of your toes.
Use it everyday or a couple times a week to keep your feet looking and feeling beautiful. 
Best used on wet skin. Rub from side to side over hard skin whilst in the bath or shower.

The magic of this foot scrubber is in the terracotta clay bumps that smooth off any moist soaked dead skin effectively and quickly.
Nothing works better at scrubbing your feet and giving you that just had a pedicure at spa feeling